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Ferniegair Install

This job in a new build property was done working in cooperation with the customers builders. We initially attended the property and installed all necessary HDMI and optical cables and re-sited  the Sky and aerial points. Once the builders and decorators had finished, we were on site to install the customers 55″ TV and soundbar.

We opted for a SANUS full motion TV mount as the customers needed to be able to easily move TV for access to the back of the TV.  

After recommendations from friends, I decided  to get Digital Aerial Services to quote me for installing new TV on wall. From the first visit I was very impressed. They worked with my builders, came in first and ran cables then worked with builder with measurements, then came back a week later and installed TV, soundbar and DVD player etc. Delighted with the results and would definitely recommend. 

Paul Murphy


Lanark Install

This job had a couple of dilemmas regarding installation. First of all the customer lived in a converted church building so it was a unique space with only one place to put his TV. Second the customer wanted more space where existing TV was without compromising the size of TV, and still have SKY.

After site survey we decided to use a SANDSTROM full motion sliding bracket, re-route sky cables and move electrical socket.

This bracket enabled a 55″ TV to be hung in a very tight corner with easy access full motion, and easily folded flat to wall for space.

Customers Sky Q box was neatly situated behind, and TV was fully set up, connected to the internet and bluetooth remote set up.

Had used Digital Aerial Services before, first of all to install my satellite dish, SKY refused to do it because of the building and height. Then to get a TV wall mounted downstairs where i’d never had one, so i knew what i was dealing with, but I was very happy with the solution to my TV problem. Got them out for an initial survey, showed them the  55″ TVs i’d like to have. Not a problem was talked through what was to get done, couple of weeks later got the tellys and Digital Aerial Services came, in out in the same day, no mess no problem.
Love it!

Stuart Davis

Lanark 2018

East Kilbride Install

This customer had moved to a brand new house and wanted something similar to what they had in their old house ie one Sky+HD box and one digital aerial feeding all the rooms in the house. They were wanting more viewing options in  different rooms, so they opted for another additional sky box.

We installed a satellite dish and digital aerial, fed the cables in through the loft and positioned his Sky boxes in a cupboard upstairs for easy access. This was then fed into a loft distribution system, which fed all TVs with both Sky boxes and digital Freeview TV, all with their own remote control sensor. TVs were wall mounted, connected to the internet for on demand viewing, all cables hidden and no mess or plastering needed.

I got Digital Aerial Services out to advise me on various things I needed done to my new house. From the initial visit, where I was talked through what was best for my needs, to the quote and ultimately to getting the various jobs completed I was very impressed with the professional job.

This included supplying and fitting a satellite dish, new aerial and hanging various TVs on brackets in all bedrooms, living room and kitchen. They also sorted it so I could watch sky and normal tv in every room. Engineers were very efficient and tidy and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. 

Matthew Clarke

East Kilbride 2015